Joshua Bufton

BeeHive Yourself

Beehive Yourself is a short animation that I produced with a small group of 5 as part of my 2nd year at the NCCA studying Computer Visualisation and Animation.

For this project I was primarily in charge of the characters modelling, rigging and fur simulation. There were three varieties of bees seen in the animation; the Drone, Worker and Queen. I modelled only the Drone and Worker bees however I rigged and made the fur for all of the bees featured.

To make and simulate the fur for each of the bees I used a script called GMH2 (Geo to Maya Hair 2) by Phung Dinh Dzung. The script allowed me to create polygon cards in the places where I wanted clumps of fur to appear (can be seen in the breakdowns below) and then convert them to GMH2 surfaces and style the fur appropriately. As GMH2 is based upon maya hair it worked seamlessly within our pipeline.